Inspiration from Our Northern Neighbors


Last week, I took a break from the Texas heat and hopped up to Montreal to see some buds and prep for my upcoming drawing retreat. I ate a lot of croissants, drank a lot of coffee, and biked my ass off. It was great.

I also celebrated a dear friend who, after many years of paperwork, finally received her Canadian citizenship. It was an exciting day for her, and like all newly-minted Canadians, she received a letter from Prime Minister (and mega-hunk) Justin Trudeau, welcoming her to Canada.

I'm not sure why, but reading this letter for newbie Canadians got me straight-up TEARY-eyed. Maybe it was the jet-lag, or maybe it was just nice to hear a bit of integrity from a world leader for a change? Tough to say. Either way, enjoy this bit of inspiration from your boy, JT:

As Canada’s Prime Minister, let me welcome you, as a new Canadian, to the greatest country in the world.

Throughout our history, millions of immigrants have come to Canada in search of a new beginning – a new life. Our country was built by people from all corners of the world, people of many different faiths and cultures and who speak many different languages. Today, you follow in their footsteps.

Every day, we show the world that our diversity is our greatest strength. It is at the very heart of Canada; it is who we are and what we do. In this country, it is possible to express our differences without compromising our unity.

This is the genius of Canada. We expand cultural freedom by making sure that individual Canadians who come from diverse communities have the freedom to live, express themselves and grow within our culture. Regardless of race, gender or religion, our rights and freedoms make it possible for everyone to have the same opportunity to succeed.

As Canadians, we love our country. Canada is the way it is because Canadians built it this way. None of this happened by accident, and it will not continue without effort. When you take the oath of citizenship, you inherit our proud history and traditions. You are now an important part of this legacy, and you share in the responsibility to uphold the values that make our country so peaceful, caring and compassionate.

Canada is a great country because of dedicated and hard-working people like you. I look forward to the contributions you will make to your family, your community, and your country.

Thank you for choosing Canada. Welcome home!

The Rr. Hon. Justin Trudeau, P.C., M.P.
Prime Minister of Canada

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