Profile in Brooklyn Magazine

Very excited to announce my recent profile in Brooklyn Magazine

"Ever since, Garvey’s artistic line of inquiry has been about how technology mediates our understanding of ourselves, the central questions being: historically, how have we come to physically know our bodies; how is that knowledge represented in art; and how do those disciplines redefine our sense of self as they change with time and technological advancement? How did dissection, for example, change our self-understanding and -representation? How did the compound microscope? The camera? Social media?

“When you look at my work, you don’t think, ‘Oh it’s about technology,’” Garvey says. “It’s about what makes us whole, vulnerable, human. But how to order those things–that’s an obsession. The process of ordering them makes us human, and technologies are the tools with which we do that. It’s about access and order.”

Thank you to Philip Pantuso for a truly interesting conversation about my work in Italy and New York - More on this story here.