As an artist and educator, I want to empower artists – working artists and those who may not yet know they’re artists – to cultivate the creative life they’ve always wanted.

If this sounds awesome, here are some ways we can work together:



My workshops offer thoughtful tools and resources to help nurture your creative practice.

Private workshops can also be requested for your group or organization.


‘Creative Focus’ Work Group

If you're struggling to manage everything going on in your life, and your creative work is suffering, you might benefit from this accountability group. This group meets twice-a-month remotely to keep participants on track with their creative goals.


Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching that can help you:
- Jump-start and sustain the momentum in your creative practice.
- Identify your values, and set goals and objectives in your creative career.
- Get feedback on your portfolio, submission materials, grant writing, or marketing.


Work with your organization

To help your group organize and communicate ideas through a customized workshop (check out some of these themes).


Or contact me:

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