My Story



Hey there. I’m Christine Garvey. I’m an artist, educator, (and pastry-lover) based in Austin, Texas.

As an artist I’ve lived, taught, and exhibited my work around the world. I did the traditional path all the way through – went to art school, did an MFA, won some grants, got a teaching gig at a major institution. But it hasn’t been working for me. 

I felt limited by the questions I could ask and what I was actually teaching my students – through modeling or otherwise – about what it means to be an artist in the world these days. 

I want to tell better stories and provide better examples for my students, myself, and others trying to lead a creative life. So I left academia to pursue another route and answer the question: 

How can I use my perspective as an artist to empower others – working artists and those who may not yet know they’re artists – to cultivate the creative life they’ve always wanted?

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