Next session: Spring 2018!
Deadline: December 2017

Discover the joys of drawing and the beauty of Tuscany In this week-long guided experience. Students will explore the art and architecture of Florence and the surrounding countryside, practicing drawing as a means to observe, appreciate, and connect with their environment in a meaningful way. With guided instruction; group critique, and conversation; historic tours and excursions to local vineyards, students will strengthen their relationship to drawing and looking through this unconventional experience of Italy.  

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For more info: christine.garvey@gmail.com



Next Session: May 26 - 29th
Enrollment deadline: May 21st
Teachers: Christine Garvey + Josh Bobrow
Guest Chef: Julie Shore

In this unique 3-day weekend retreat, students will explore the relationship between presence and creativity. Through a combination of restorative and flow yoga, guided meditation and mindfulness workshops, and a dedicated drawing-from-observation course, we will explore a rich and multi-faceted mindfulness practice that aims to create space for reflection, gratitude, and curiosity. 

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For more info: christine.garvey@gmail.com.